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what is the shine collective?

The Shine Collective is a three month integrated holistic coaching journey to help you uncover/discover/recover your own inherent worthiness so you can experience more joy, passion, and purpose in your life and relationships.

In our one-on-one work, we will dive deeply into your relationships, focusing on:

  • self

  • body

  • family

  • significant other

  • spirit

  • work

  • money

  • abundance


At its core, we will identify limiting beliefs and cultivate your sense of worthiness and vibrance.

I will draw on years of experience as a business and community leader, extensive study in the key tenets of positive psychology and eastern philosophy, and my education as a well-being coach and yoga instructor. We will work together, collectively, to connect you to your inner light.

how will we move you toward your goals?

Your power and your light lie beneath the stories you tell yourself about who you are and who you are not.

We will use a curated blend of mindfulness and self-inquiry practices to find narratives and themes woven throughout your life that hold you back from experiencing abundance, passion, and joy.

We will utilize science-backed research on wellbeing to inform and illuminate our journey.

I'll be by your side, offering gentle accountability and a mirror to reflect your worth and capability.

This is your chance to live a better life. One filled with joy and passion and a deeply-rooted sense of purpose.

what tools will we use?

In this program, you'll find:


1:1 integrated approach to coaching


Movement + meditation practices


Journal prompts + self care practices


Yoga and eastern/buddhist philosophy


Science-backed research rooted in positive psychology


Selfless service as a means of cultivating a sense of purpose

what's included?

Our three month journey includes all of the following key components:

  • Nine 1:1 Coaching calls with Kelly, identifying and utilizing strengths while empowering you in your key relationships

  • Weekly movement + meditation practices

  • Weekly journal prompts, gratitude and positivity practices, and self-care inspiration

  • One Seva project (an act of selfless service), designed and executed by you

  • Daily access to Kelly via text, offering support and gentle accountability as your journey unfolds

what does success in the collective look like?

Science and Spirit both show us a clear path to human flourishing. We can identify and strengthen five key components of our experience in order to see a positive, lasting effect on the way we move through life. 

You are the creator of your own dreams. We will spend some time early on defining what success in each of these areas looks like for you, and plot a path toward that vision.

In our work together, we will work to honor and accept things as they are, while utilizing practices in mindfulness, gratitude, movement and breath work, and more, to give you tangible tools to carry forward as you step into a new paradigm.

You will come away from The Shine Collective with:

  • powerful tools to cultivate and acknowledge positive emotion

  • a deeper sense of engagement and presence in day to day life

  • deeper appreciation for your positive relationships with others, along with a strengthened sense of the gifts you have to offer others

  • true, lasting connection to your true nature and that of a higher power/source/spirit

  • ability to witness and celebrate your achievements

It would be my honor to support you in this powerful work.

I cannot wait to watch you shine.


Time is our most valuable, finite resource.


In order to receive the maximum benefit of our immersive time together, it would be helpful to be able to dedicate about 3 hours per week to this course, engaging in various activities like:

  • 1:1 coaching calls

  • self care

  • mindfulness/ movement practices

  • planning seva event

  • journaling/freewriting

Engagement in the process is key to a successful outcome.

Registration is currently closed. 

Our next session will begin in the fall. 

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